If you decide
to do a reservation or booking we'll mail you the bank account information.

For a binding reservation  a down payment in the amount
of 50% of the total sum is required.

Easter, Pentecost, Christmas, New Year's Eve
All prices +20%

After the transfer of the down payment, please send us your receipt
by mail or fax so we can complete your booking as fast as possible

FAX:   0049 (0) 3212 1008199

Paypal payments to:

As a receiver of Paypal we have to pay fees to Paypal.
These fees we share 50% with our guests.

A transfer within the EU in €uros has a fee of 2,25 € by 100 € transfer sum.
So, we ask our our guests to ad 1,10 € per 100 €

With a referral from outside the EU in $
or other currencies, the Paypal fees are
€ 4.25 for 100 €
So , we ask our guests to ad 2,10 € per 100 €

With your binding commitment
and/or receipt of a deposit
the apartments are booked.

Refunds due to cancellations can be done
up to 30 days prior to arrival.

If a replacement booking for you
cancelled period is found,
the deposit can be refunded later on too.

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